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Slowcoaster/Diesel Dog Seamless Set. Hamilton


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It's been a while since we've had one of these,

Slow Coaster / Diesel Dog, Seamless Set


@ The Pepper Jack Cafe

38 King William, Hamilton






The band represents a younger generation who has grown up with the honesty and sense of tradition so evident in the Celtic scene, but also with the 1960s pop and country records of their parents, the flashy sounds and visuals of Much Music, and the unique, original sounds coming from the vibrant local underground scene. This mish-mash of influence and style has produced irresistibly catchy songs which are both honestly written and undeniably danceable. The music is a fusion of funk and reggae, with hints of rock, jazz, hip-hop and even afro-Cuban rythyms forming a distinctively original sound.

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Slowcoaster has a a lot of free music on their website... you should check some of it out at:




You can find a lot more here:


Slowcoaster is (along with the GTB and JSB) one of the most established "jambands" on the East Coast.

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so the word on Slocoaster I've been getting from the east coasters is that they are totally wicked... was told that the Jimmy Swift Band and Grand Theft Bus started off opened up for Slocoaster... out east they're huge but they haven't toured much this way so are still relatively unknown

very geared up myself, think its going to be a fine and sweet time... Diesel Dog are playing incredibly right now as well... hopin to see some familiar (MarcO! Hamilton!) drunken dancin bodies out supportin the extended family from out east (and simcoe)

its almost winter!

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[color:"purple"] look at the couple's scrambling for the beds ::

probably a good idea to bring blankets and pillows to be safe (such as you assume that you get a bed then someone does too many shots of jager and falls on that bed and threatens to throw up everytime you try to move them, and you believe them... or someone picks up at the bar and heads straight into your room when they get back and the bedroom door is shaking for 4 hours.... or someone ends up feeling overwhelmed by all the wonderful music they listened to over the evening and truly need somewhere dark and quiet to lay down for a while to get a grip on reality again... or...)

make sure you drag that big Choix kid down with you!! he's funny in the mornings

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was actually just trying to tease TheophrastusBombastus about looking for a bed bokonon... mainly because I just like to bug TheophrastusBombastus... wasn't really very serious (and its certainly not my place to say who sleeps where anyways)

god knows I won't be looking for a bed

(altered the last post to the sarcastic purple I actually should've conveyed the first time around to avoid more confusion)

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Hey TheophrastusBombastus, there is always room for more...

Aside from floor and couch space wherever people can find it, there will be 3 bedrooms available for whomever needs one... it will be a first-come first-serve basis (or I guess first crash).

And there will be lots of room in my King bed for any open-minded, double-jointed young ladies (2 or more please).

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