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Guest Low Roller

Good times those were. I still say the Barrymore's show was one of the most epic, because you managed to turn the crowd from indifferent to clamoring for more. Not an easy task considering the crowd was filled with Ottawa emo-rockers that tend to sit on their hands during shows acting like they are the hottest sh!t in the room.

Viva the 'Wheel!

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Some favourite ferrismoments:

  • Rockport, Aug., 2002: "Do you want us to play songs, or just make sh!t up?" "MAKE SH!T UP! MAKE SH!T UP!"
  • Killaloe, Ont., Aug., 2002, "Flaps Off The Side Of The Moon" festival: watching casualties from the drum'n'bass stage wander by the jamband stage on their way to get food at around 5am (?), and hearing ferriswheeler rip into "That's All Right Mama"
  • ibid: wondering how ferriswheeler was going to follow (the always intense and loud) Chris Colepaugh & the Cosmic Crew, and then thinking, when fw's set was over at dawn that they nailed it
  • Cafe Deckuf, Feb., 2003: best "Independentland" ever



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