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USA Road Food


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Heres some tasty snacks...

Pig Sandwhich

With slaw is the Memphis way to make a barbecue sandwich. It is an inspired combo, albeit unbelievably messy.


Or have it this way instead....

Payne's serves the classic Memphis barbecue sandwich: chopped meat mixed with sauce and topped with slaw.


Pig Lips

The next time you get a hankering for pickled pig lips, Andre's is the place to come. They've always got a jar on hand.



Do you like bacon? If so, you will love Sweatman’s pig skins. There isn’t a more luxurious food on earth.


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the flying j is a huge chain of truckstops and it actually has good food. sure, there is fried stuff on the menu, but there is also a salad bar and lots of soup and stuff like that too. they are almost always really clean and also you can get gas, diesel and whatever else you need in the giftshop/ convenience store. a lot of them have internet connections too. just don't sit in the trucker section (yes this actually exists) it's designed to get them back on the road faster since they are working and that would be kinda rude to steal their spot.

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No offence, but I spent years in the US on various tours and we used to stop at the flying j's all the time. They always had cheap gas, but rarely had the salad bars, good menu or cleanliness you speak of. And actually, we spent lots of time in the truckers section (of course there's a truckers section cause the flying j actually caters to them), sometimes it was the only place for us to shower. Honestly, the best food we ever found on the road we got from the Tofu Tollbooth, compiled by Dar Williams, an awesome guide to health food stores in every state with great directions from any major highway/interstate. Definitely recommend it to anyone travelling the states. Also in Oregon, check out the High Street Brewery (Eugene) and Toby's Tofu Palace (Eugene).

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OK, so you're travelling across the USA, and need food, but don't want to stop. The solution is to go to Hardee's, once, and get their "Monster Thickburger", as described in this CNN story.

It's two 1/3-pound slabs of Angus beef, four strips of bacon, three slices of cheese and mayonnaise on a buttered sesame seed bun. Uh, that's fourteen hundred calories and one hundred and seven grams of fat, and all for US$5.49...



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