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Guigsy's Got Some Love To Give..


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.. now that i have some time...

some love for nero.

some love for the cities of halifax and moncton.

some love for good ole maritime hospitality (thanks for the afternoon bowl, good company, and lift to the airport, NW. cheers to ya.)

some love for the wonderful people i got to spend time with. loved ones, friends old and new, acquaintances, band members, the shuttle bus driver, stewardesses, etc, etc..

and last, and probably least, some love for crazy weather that makes everything that much more interesting. my feet are still wet. i hope you haligonians have some power now..

it's been said in a couple other threads how great these shows were, and thats bang on. Nero was awesome down east. a fricken dance party in halifax, and a facefucker of a rock show in moncton. after that, and all i mentioned above, there's not much more a guy could ask for.

cheers everybody.

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haha, yeah, i thought the snow was more funny than anything... a just my luck kinda thing... as sh!tty as it was walking to the bar and back, it was still pretty fun, and definitely comical.. the vertical hell.. i dont think i've ever had a layer of slush on me that thick, without having fallen down, haha. im still blown away that all that sh!t came down 5 hours before the plane landed... that was a helluva lotta snow for 5 hours! certainly made the drive to moncton on sunday a little messy at times, but kudo's to my friend anne who got through it like a champ.

megs, great to hang out down there at westo's and at the show.. awesome times!

and tickler, i didnt make it to the saint john show, was only there for hali and moncton... but i heard good things from the folks who were there, and at the bar before the moncton show Mr. Sanchez had a pretty funny story about one drunk fan in particular..

yeah, i friggin love the east! ::

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