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Happy Birthday Dr. Huxtable


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Happy birthday Fifi.

How fortunate I am to know you

To sing, to laugh to play

You brought the music back to my life

Now I'm happy every day

It's quite possible your the funniest

character of them all

Your funky pink shirt, and perfect boy hair

Your impressions and Bobby calls

You push people to be better

at performing and music and living

And I think you're unaware

at just how much you're giving

You took me to see Ratdog

Introduced me to the Weir

You helped me pick a water bong

and always share your beer

You live in the '70's

and like Frampton and Paul

write wonderful melodies

To sing them's a ball

You fall down stairs,

You leap for beers

You jump on stage

While everyone cheers

You are Dr. Huxtable

You're one of a kind

Have a wonderful birthday

Drink 'till you're blind!!!


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Booby!??!?! I can think of a better use for that one finger than typing howler... [Eek!]

I kid, I kid...

I wasn't at the Congress Centre, as it was a fundrasier, I only go to the free events! (and I'm not important enough to be invited)

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Why am I thinking of a scene from an episode of Taxi :

Rev. Jim : Bobby, do you spell your name with one O or two?

Bobby : Ummm, one.

Rev. Jim (handing him an invitation) : Better luck next time, Booby.

Oh yeah, happy birthday, Geoff, I'll give you your birthday hug tomorrow (and Cass will probably give you one , too, which you will probably appreciate more [Wink] )

Rob Not Bob

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