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Anyone into Leo Kottke


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obviously, living in Calgary will not allow me to attend any sort of show you may be arranging, but I would say it would be a good idea. I saw him solo in Calgary a year or two ago and was impressed for sure! That guy has a hilariously dry sense of humor and he can play O.K. too ;) The crowd here in the cow city was mainly stiff corporate types sitting in chairs with a couple of us hootin and hollerin' ...especially when he played a song he did with Gordo and mentioned cactus by name...nobody in the entire crowd new who the hell Gordo was..

Anyhow, would be a great show and I think you should go for it. You'll probably get a lot more than just your run of the mill dirties at that show as he has been around long enough to draw the, uh, ahem, OLDER crowd :)


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Very into him... saw him at moe down as well. Friendly and I listened from our tents by the side of the hill and loved it. Amazing musicianship. Then, when we were treated to the accompaniment of his gravelly beautiful voice.... stunning.

Agree with solar garlic on the humour factor as well... he was such a hilariously-grumpy-old-lovable-bastard.

If you could bring him, that would rock.

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I've listened to Leo for years. Thank God for whatever college friend of his told him he should play guitar for a living.

Years ago Leo played "Austin City Limits" and told his story of "Bad Jazz". He plays the theme from "Woody Woodpecker" backwards, which he played on ACL, and one of his friends said it sounded "like bad jazz" but hearing this and watching him play it knocks your head off and FUNNY!!!!


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