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Sisters Nero


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Your weekly update of The Sisters Euclide at The Orbit Room.

What can I say about this past Monday? Hmmm, well, as always, when the Sisters have been away and come back, they always, to coin a phrase, "pull out all the stops".

Last week they were in Germany playing the Berlin Jazz Fest and then recorded a tribute album of Neil's stuff which Kevin gave me a listen to the "faders up" mix. So looking forward to adding this to my collection. Funny enough, they recorded this at the same time that Neil was celebrating his birthday....

But one of the best moments of Monday night was when they broke out "Heart of Gold". Not one of my favourite Neil tunes for the fact that I've heard it so many times, but what happened was one of those moments. I had always wanted to see Nero and The Sisters share a night and when they played HOG, that's bacically what happened. Close your eyes and you'd think that it was Nero pumping out Heart of Gold. Just S-I-C-K!!!

I'd just finished a compilation simply called "Sisters Never Rust" and now will have to do a Volume 2 as they also did Love Is A Rose, Southern Man with "Dixie" teased all the way through it. "Helpless" was just smoking and "Tumbleweed Tea" was one of the best I've heard in many months. The "Lowell" closer was sweet, even with a broken E-string.

Can't wait for December to roll around as this is when The Orbit Room is just a sweat lodge with music and smiles for all.



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