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The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Paris, 17/11/04

Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller

How do you prepare to see a band who's been built up so high for you that you expect to see God himself on stage in the form of a rock 'n roll band? I mean Jaimoe practically preaches their virtue like a devout televangelist, and proclaims their 2003 show the best show of the year, if not the best show he's ever seen. That's a pretty tall order to fill, however I'll tell you how you live up to it- by meeting the lead singer Ebbot Lundberg before the show, that's how.

Our story begins with me trying to find the venue, Le Nouveau Casino, on rue Oberkampf in the 11th arrondissement. With a name like that I'm expecting some sort of swank casino place. I've never been to this part of town, but to no real shock of mine it looked exactly like all the others: crammed buildings with shops, cafés, and stores on the bottom floors and apartments above. I'm thinking to myself "How could there be a casino around here?" It turns out it was no casino at all just a regular music venue. A general observation about the French is that they don't believe in standing in line... They take more of a swarming approach. So I swarmed the entrance and got in before the others who had been lining up. sgrin.gif (hey, when in Rome)

The place was real swank on the inside. Amazing vibe in this place. The venue was already packed when I got there so I went to the bar to grab a bevy and then hit the balcony. In my advanced age, I no longer enjoy standing among the masses, packed like sardines, watching the band. I rather have some space and watch the whole show.

I got upstairs, relieved to see that there is still a bunch of space by the railing. The merch booth was packed with TSOOL paraphenelia: CDs & EPs, t-shirts, records, vinyl, etc... I looked at this one t-shirt and asked how much. 20 Euros was the answer. ouch! That's 40 bucks!! Fleeing the merch booth, I got to the railing just as the opening band, "The Parisians" (ugh...) were hitting the stage. This band showed some promise early on with a Ramones type sound, but their set starting falling apart about twenty minutes in, and their style over substance approach became more and more exposed. It's funny to see the French version of crowdsurfing: Two people lifting someone into the air, and moving around with him (as opposed to the more traditional way of just passing the person around)... it just wasn't the same (laaaaame).

Growing agitated I started looking around, and to my utter shock sitting right next to me was a rather large nordic looking fellow. He was sipping on some red wine, and patiently watching the opening band, although I could tell he wasn't very impressed himself. It was the lead singer of TSOOL! When the set ended I approached him and wished him a good show, and he replied "yeah, thanks" with slight sincerity coupled with total detachment. Ah, rock stars... so I gave him a nod, understanding he rather be left alone, and I went back down to the bar to get another beer. Still, it was cool meeting this dude.

I came back upstairs just as he was leaving and I regained my spot by the railing, albeit it was slightly more packed now.

The TSOOL set lasted about an hour and a half and was very energetic throughout. Right from the opening riff I understood why Jaimoe worships this band: one of the guitarists moves and acts EXACTLY like Pete Townshend! All his maneurisms reminded me of the Who's guitarist right down to the jacket he wore. It's a well documented fact that Jaimoe likes the Who. I hear he has Roger Daltry bedsheets. The other guitarist has a Keith Richards vibe going for him. The lead singer has an amazing stage presence... first of all he's much taller and fatter than the rest of the band so he sticks out. Secondly he has a weird Jim Morisson/Luciano Pavarotti thing going. It's quite the visual and therefore quite effective. They rocked hard. The show was very entertaining throughout, especially during the last encore when Ebbot walked across the packed floor. Seeing the crowd just part for him from the balcony was an awesome sight. Like the sea parting for Moses. He then climbed on the bar at the other end of the room to sing the last couple verses. His mic cable was crossing the entire room and being held up by the crowd. Another awesome visual.

Overall this was an amazing show, but it had been build up so much that it would be impossible to actually live up to the hype, but I still had a great time, and I would recommend seeing The Soundtrack Of Our Lives if you want some balls out rock 'n roll.


The Soundtrack Of Our Lives

Nouveau Casino, November 17th 2004

Paris, France

Believe I've Found


Independant Luxery



Century Child

The Flood

Midnight Children

Big Time

Instant Repeater '99

One Track Mind

Sister Surround

Song For The Others

Mind The Gap

Infra Riot



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I'm glad you enjoyed the best rock band in the world Andrew. I'm envious. As you pointed out, I still believe that TSOOL's Opera House show in Toronto last year was one of the best concerts I've ever seen. If that's god-like hype, then guilty as charged.

I see they played a lot of new songs from their yet-to-be-released album in North America. You should have submitted this review to Mike for the JamShow Reviews page. It's a nice review. Keep up the good work. Get out to see The Beta Band before they split up.

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Guest Low Roller

I'd like to see the Beta Band show in Brighton, but I won't around England at that time unfortunately. Although I know someone who will... I'll see what I can do to get a review for you.

Hopefully some pictures will surface of the TSOOL show because I saw a lot of cameras in the audience.

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