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Question of the Day - 11/18/04


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What's your favorite word/saying lately? Is anyone else like me and gets stuck using a new word or saying alot during certian phases?

Currently, I'm a big fan of "beep" as a negative response.


Student:Mr. King, can we watch a movie today?

Mr. King: Beep! Get back to your primary source analysis.

This summer, "Yar" became a verb, noun, and a standard response in my circle and due to overuse, died a horrible death.

As far as verbosity goes, cacophony has been slipping into my lexicon (I says pardon?)

Any in your world?

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ok, ummm sari and i have been going crazy with the "that's hot" but ummm it's spilled over into everything for me. i say it to my boss and bite my tongue with customers. it doesn't fit into the swear filter in my head while at work.

thank god i'm over ridiculous, the amount of times i would say that word in a day was well....ridiculous. oh yeah and hilarious....i'm over that too...specially since it rhymes with darius, who is very hilarious himself.

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I seem to be saying "Off you go you little scamp" to my son a lot lately.

ahahahahahahahahahaah!!!!!!!!!! thanks SevenSeasJim, that just made my whole day. heehee.

i'm inbetween catch phrases right now. although i too have fallen prey to the "that's hot" phenomenon over teh last while, and "awesomeness" has been popular as of late. just last night in the same conversation i caught myself morphing the word "suck" into verb, noun and adjective form.

i had a massive addiction to the entire family of "frick" a few months back.

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