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Secret Service investigates high-school band


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Secret Service investigates high-school band

BOULDER, COLO. - The Secret Service investigated a band made up of high-school students last week after reports of death threats against U.S. President George W. Bush.

The group, from Boulder High, is known as Coalition of the Willing.

It was formerly called the Taliband, a reference to the toppled regime in Afghanistan.

Agents for the Secret Service carried out an investigation after they received reports that the band had changed the lyrics of the 1963 Bob Dylan song Masters of War to include a threat against Bush.

One line in the song, which is an attack on arms dealers, goes "And I hope that you die/And your death'll come soon."

The words were reportedly changed to "George Bush, I hope you die soon."

The band was scheduled to play at a talent show on Nov. 13. Some students who attended a rehearsal for the show claimed that they heard the new lyrics, and someone contacted the Secret Service.

Agents then questioned the school's principal, Ron Cabrera, who disputed the story.

"I know that people have made accusations and allegations about people and kids that are unfounded and untrue," Cabrera told the Associated Press the day before the show.

"I talked to many people who were [at the practice], including teachers, students and other faculty and no one altered the lyrics or expressed any ill will or any reference to President Bush or anyone dying."

The Secret Service did not speak to the band's members, who range in age from 13 to 17.

The agency did, however, talk to a teacher who supervised an anti-Bush protest at the same school the previous week.

The talent show went ahead without incident. It was sold out.


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what's wrong with voicing your opinions? i thought that was what america was founded on. these kids weren't making direct threats to george w bush, they were just singing a song about the way they feel. at least it had a bit of substance, unlike most of the crappy tunes that are coming from "socially sanctioned" sources of music, ie. mainstream empires of crap. the US is scaring me more and more every day. i really think we should start doing the marry an american thing and start saving people before the freedoms really start to erode. it will be similar to schindler's list, just without all the factory work! ::

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