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iso slip @ le swimming 5/24/03


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this is a shot in the dark but i was wondering if anyone would happen to have this show on disc. there was indeed a taper there and it is one of those classic sort of slip shows that deserves to be circulated and really never has. if anyone could help out or point me in the right direction i would really appreciate it alot. 10/23/03 would be nice too but the 5/24 would be the best. muchos gracias.

oh, and sorry that george bush got elected again. www.sorryeverybody.com

we tried, we really did.

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I have both the Toronto and Montreal show on single track masters which need to be tracked and flacked before I can do a torrent. As I am a typical slacker, this takes much longer than anticipated. The only other hitch that I may run into is that I have not been able to yet get the green light to go on my BT program with our new wireless modem. If I can't get it going proper, I'll have to beg Tungsten to get it going for me(you the man brah!) or snail mail copies out for someone else to torrent.

I'll post a link in the BT forum when it's all done up(Toronto will come first)

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