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QotD: 2004-11-19


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Taking off from the stickin it to the RIAA topic, here's today's question:

What really old and/or rare LPs do you own? You know, stuff that would be considered valuable by the right collector, records that are legendary (for their rarity), stuff that hasn't made it to CD yet (if it ever will), etc.

I don't have much, except for the "Thermonuclear Sweat" album by Defunkt, which is notable for its rarity, and the inclusion of Vernon Reid on a few tracks, and a great version of Charlie Parker's "Au Privave". I've also got a couple of albums by Kaleidoscope, which was David Lindley's late-60s band, before he went on to do a lot of studio work in the '70s for people like Jackson Browne. (You know that slide guitar on Browne's "Running On Empty"? That's Lindley.)



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I have numerous Doors albums all with the Elecktra butterfly on the center.As well 45s.As well,original Beatles,GD,Dylan,Stones.And alot of picture discs.All can be referenced by the diiferent colored record logos and serials.

A bunch of old bluegrass,blues & folk 78s,all of which are public domain.No of which are in top notch quality anymore.

Even got a 78 pressing of a Robert Johnson recording two songs,one per side. "Stones in my passway" & "From Four til Late".Not sure of the actual date,according to goldmine its circa 1934 or somthing,I don't quite remember.

Also,I still have two copies (one sealed) of Jimi Hendrixs "nine To The Universe"

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Yeah, I've got Zep III with the spinning wheel (and "In Through The Out Door", with the brown paper wrapper) on LP, too, but didn't think they were that rare, as they could easily be bought in any record store up through the '80s (when I got them).

One other I've got is the three-LP boxed set version of Frank Zappa's "Shut Up 'n' Play Yer Guitar". IIRC, FZ only allowed the boxed set to be manufactured (by CBS?) overseas, but they got imported to North America anyway.



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i have a copy of quebec autographed by mickey, aaron, glen, claude & dave. :D

i have a today's special record. heehee.

OH, and speaking of ween, anyone who has a copy of 12 golden country greats with the big long mohammed ali sample at the end of powder blue, congrats, you have a collector's item! they released this before getting copyright permission on the sample or something like that (permission which was denied), so only a very limited number of them have the mohammed ali bit. if you've heard this on most people's old copies of 12GCG, and that doesn't seem very rare, there's a reason for that -- apparently the majority of the copies with that sample on them were the ones sent to canada, so it's way easier to find them up here than it is in the US. the mohammed ali version is particularly sought after by americans. so hang onto it, it could be worth something someday.

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original grainy paper release of "Workingman's Dead" with the back cover on upside down, Roy Buchanan's "Live Stock" off the top of my head (cause I know at least BradM is interested in it)

just popped downstairs and all I can say is I think its time to head off to the next record show (after checking some collector's prices)... some of mine are a little rough as my philosophy was enjoy today and fuk tomorrow back then... picked up a ton of vinyl when I was making big cake slaving in the steel mills

my Black Sabbath / Black Sabbath album is a verified modern miracle as it has pitbull claw scratches right across it, beer and god knows what stains in full evidence and still plays (albeit with a few healthy pops and snaps) without skipping once from side to side

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Just taking a quick peak in the other room at my vinly I remembered I have a semi rare (now-a-days) Doors album.They have a complete different version now,two albums.



Released: August, 1973

Produced by: Paul A. Rothchild

(except tracks 5 and 7 Produced by Bruce Botnick & The Doors)

Engineered by: Bruce Botnick

Cover Photo: Joel Brodsky

Label: Elektra EQ-5035 (quadrophonic)


1.Who Do You Love

2.Soul Kitchen

3.Hello, I Love You

4.People Are Strange

5.Riders On The Storm

6.Touch Me

7.Love Her Madly

8.Love Me Two Times

9.Take It As It Comes

10.Light My Fire

The Best Of The Doors - 1973

Strange thing is,this is not the version shown on the Doors Official website,but it is shown on Robby Krieger's.

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Yup, the American one too :( . I said "super cool" (C'mon it's a wheel! That spins!), not rare.

Was just inquireing out of curiousty sakes, since its still on my "buy" list for vinyl,which I rarely ever pruchase anymore.

Not sure what your refering to with:

"I said "super cool" (C'mon it's a wheel! That spins!), not rare."

Sealed its worth money today and rare to see one that is still intact with the little tin cotter pin.

Anyway,right on Dave,I was sorting hoping you had it so I could start throwing some numbers at ya for it.


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Nice bradm,I never grabbed a copy of that one,although the guy who got me started with collecting vinyl,was a huge Jimi & Doors fan,he had a copy of that one.I've seen it every now & then at the record show here in Hamilton over the years but never grabbed it.

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Nothing too valuable, but a few rarities in the collection.

I'm a couple albums away from having all of John Mclaughlin's solo albums (well, Solo with Friends I suppose). And I've got the spinning wheel LZ 3.

Maybe Jesus Christ Superstar with box and liner notes is the best find..49 cents at the Salvation Army. Rare Earth records up the wazoo for some reason, and a "best of southern rock" with many big names on it...best of which is Elvin Bishop with "Struttin' my stuff". I haven't had a good look in there in a while but might do so later today

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I have hip hop that never made it to albums, radio, or anywhere else except the odd club (at leasdt in Canada). White labels released by rappers who don't get paid enough, so they release more music outside of contracts by not labelling them. Takes a long time to find what you like but when you do no one else will care cause they've never heard it... unless they're from New York...

Then they just think you're lame for having so much "old" sh!t. :)

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I have at least one album that's very rare. Only 5,000 were printed. Given the content, I don't know how valuable it is:


I have a ton of original CCR albums. I have 45's of: " Tumblin' Dice ", Deep Purple's " Lazy ", Pete Townshend's " Face The Face " ( with live Magic Bus solo on the flip-side ) and lots more.

One CD that I have that I know is valuable is Television: Live @ The Old Waldorf 1978. Only 5000 were pressed ( last year ) - sold out:


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