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I love Nero


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Hey SugarMegs ... I think in your last email you said that you'd be back before this show date ... it would be a treat to see you there.

Fri. Dec. 10

upstairs at the Lanc in Kitchener


with special opening act Mike & Jeff from the Burt Neilson Band (and a very strong possibility of some "sit ins" at this show)

and with Eric Warren doing sound (the guy who recorded the last 2 nero cd's)


$8 at the door


The afterparty plans are taking shape nicely.

To Booche and anyone else that travels to this show from Ottawa (or from a distance) ... I'm confident that we'll be able to hook you up with some crash space ... just give me or somebody from Kitchener a heads up that you'll be coming for sure and we'll make it happen.

Peace, Mark

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Here's the thing. I also really love Nero. A lot. I had planned to see them in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, but couldn't. Then I tried to get to Guelph. Couldn't do it. Now I see that they're hitting the PJC once more before the Sabbatical-chasm...but it's my anniversary with my girlfriend. To her credit, she is awesome and extremely easy-going on just about every aspect of our relationship, but I know that the anniversary is one of the things she is into, so I won't get to the Peej either. If I don't get to Kitchener or Guelph (cause I ain't gettin to Ottawa, that's for sure), I might cry.

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warning, me and the other Chathamites, that better be dragging their pimply asses up here, don't sleep, so you probably won't either.

So...let me get this straight....you're telling the O-town gang if we come to the show, we should be ready to give'r till daybreak for nero (as if we would expect to do otherwise?) or need warning for the prospect thereof in?

....Schwa....reality says "hi" oh, and I'm going to cut you.


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at the very least people please plan on coming to Kitchener....i've got the ability to piece together a killer PA...finally the reinforcement these guys deserve.... and full light system...parcans, lasers, moving fixtures, liquid lights...lotsa goodies to create an atmosphere...nay, a NEROsphere inside the Lanc. uh yeah. jeezus cheezus...anyways it's my first post in awhile.....got some warming up to do apparently.

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