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Nov. 18) -- Eyewitnesses all over the country are reporting glimpses of something large, dark and mysterious in the skies above big cities and busy highways. The crafts are often described as triangular in shape, silent in their movements, and of unknown origin, and they've been seen here in southern Nevada. It looks like these mystery craft might be a secret military project, but if so, why are they flying around in the open?

"Look at them, there's three or four of them." In 1997, thousands of eyewitnesses watched in awe as a boomerang-shaped formation of lights cruised slowly and silently over the city of Phoenix. "They're lined up in a pattern." Witnesses first thought these were separate lights, flying in formation, but quickly realized the lights were all part of a single, gigantic something.

Full Story


Probably one of these.

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Flashing lights hover over Darwin

December 6, 2004

EVEN the sceptics are questioning the origins of a strange light that hovered over Darwin on Saturday night.

Several readers phoned the Northern Territory News late on Saturday night to describe the unidentified flying object that captured their attention.

But neither the RAAF or the airport were able to shed any light on the flashing green, blue and red lights witnesses saw.

Laboratory technician Julie Lynn was relaxing on the balcony with husband Nigel at their Leanyer home when they noticed the UFO about 8.30pm.

A self-described sceptic, Mrs Lynn believes there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for why the UFO hovered above Darwin - she just has no idea what it could be.

"It was fascinating to watch," she said.

"I was quite looking forward to curling up on the couch and watching a movie but it had our attention until we went to bed after midnight.

"It hovered in the one place for at least two hours but had moved significantly when we checked on it again before we went to bed.

"I can't believe there are UFOs or little green men out there - there must be an obvious explanation.

"And we weren't drinking so it wasn't something we imagined."

The UFO was described as being shaped like three connected ball-shaped spheres that flashed blue, green and red from as many as six different light sources.

It first appeared in a south-easterly direction and was moving northeast.

Department of Defence spokeswoman Kelly Cooper said the UFO was definitely not a secret military aircraft or RAAF-related.

The airport also denied the UFO could have been a plane waiting to land in Darwin.


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Allright, here it is:

One night around 11:30 in my 2nd year of university me and my friends Jojo and Ryan were sitting around Jojo's place on Hopewell Ave. in Ottawa. We had probably smoked a joint, but nothing more and we decide to walk up to the corner for a slice of pizza. The place turned out being closed so we're walking back to Jojo's, me and Ryan on the sidewalk, Jojo walking beside us on the street.

All of a sudden Ryan says "Did you see that?" and he's pointing; I thought he was pointing at the telephone pole. Jojo and I looked at each other, "No, what was it?" "Oh, nothin', forget it," which is such a Ryan thing to say, and we sorta shrug and turn to walk the remaining 100 feet to Jojo's place. Just then, something flashed past my head, coming from in front of me and flying past my right shoulder. I yelped "there it is!" as I spun around, but it was nowhere. "Where, where?" and "what, what?" were coming from the other guys. Then about five seconds later I saw it again. It came from behind me this time, and over my right shoulder again, whizzing by me about 10 inches from my head. It was angled towards the ground and about 6 inches from the ground it arced sharply and accelerated to about triple its speed and raced past me on the left, forming (from my perspective) a ring around me, close enough that I could touch it. I couldn't spin around fast enough to follow it, but when I did get turned around it was gone gone gone.

At this point the only words spoken were the ones I typed above. I immediately turned to Ryan and asked him what he saw, without telling him in any way what I saw. He told me he saw a ball of light about 2 inches around that shone as bright as anything he'd seen, but it didn't seem to give off light. He said it moved really really fast, hummed a bit, and he saw it twice; the first time when only he saw it, and he also saw it the second time I saw it, he watched it circle me and take off. He also said that when it sped up after turning in front of me that it was moving faster than it was possible to watch it. Jojo never saw it at all, he spent the entire episode (about 15 seconds maybe) spinning in circles saying "what, where?" He hates it when I tell this story. Suffice to say, what Ryan saw and what I saw were identical. I never see Ryan anymore, but I ran into him a few years ago and I asked him to tell me the story to see if I remembered it right, and he still has it exactly as above.

Anyway, as I say we were about 4 houses from Jojo's place (this all happened in the middle of a normal city street) so we went back there and just sorta pondered it all. For some reason, I don't think we even considered UFO as an option, although obviously by definition it was, we just sorta sat there stumped, going over it.

I told my girlfriend about it and a couple of weeks later she called me and said she had been watching "Unsolved Mysteries" or whatever that show is, and there was a bunch of people on a military base that saw a UFO fragment into a bunch of little balls of light that flew around people and did all kinds of weird stuff before reconfiguring and taking off.

So, maybe I've had an ultra-close encounter with aliens, who knows? Neat experience though, and I can't wait for it to happen again. Next time, I'll be ready.

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My first road trip included a stop in Roswell...actually of the 10 days we were on the road, Roswell was 1 of 2 places we stopped for the night. We were going to camp, but exhaustion took over and we got a room at the Super 8 (SUPER!!) We didn't see any aliens or UFO's, but we did see one of the coolest sunrises ever

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Mystery Martian cleans US space buggy

An unexplained phenomenon akin to a space-borne car wash has boosted the performance of one of the two US rovers probing the surface of Mars, New Scientist magazine said.

It said something - or someone - had regularly cleaned layers of dust from the solar panels of the Mars Opportunity vehicle while it was closed down during the Martian night.

The cleaning had boosted the panels' power output close to their maximum 900 watt-hours per day after at one stage dropping to 500 watt-hours because of the heavy Martian dirt.

By contrast, the power output of the solar panels of Mars Spirit - on a different part of the Red Planet - had dropped to just 400 watt-hours a day, clogged by the heavy dust.

"These exciting and unexplained cleaning events have kept Opportunity in really great shape," the magazine quoted NASA rover team leader Jim Erickson as saying.


Another bigger article


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Sept. 20, 2002: Something odd is circling our planet. It's small, perhaps only 60-ft long, and rotates once every minute or so. Amateur astronomer Bill Yeung first spotted the 16th magnitude speck of light on Sept. 3rd in the constellation Pisces. He named it J002E3.

Automated asteroid surveys scan the skies every few weeks, yet there was no sign of Yeung's object earlier this year. "It must have entered Earth orbit recently," says Paul Chodas of NASA's Near-Earth Object Program at JPL. "But it doesn't match any recently-launched spacecraft."

In other words, it's a mystery.

Interesting link

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