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Po' Girl/Ox/The Lady Racers - Friday in Kingston


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Hot giddy gawddamn! Get your roots on this Friday (Nov 26) at Grad Club

Po’ Girl - Vagabond lullabies, hobo-poetry, inner-city blues. These urban minstrels pen harmony drenched melodies to warm your toes. Guitar, banjo, fiddle, clarinet, and harmonica create sultry and rustic ambience both nostalgic and contemporary.

Take the bellow of the blues, the wail of a gypsy fiddle, punk-rock street poetry, a cajun love song, and depression-era jazz, mix it all up and add some old R&B. The sound of Po' Girl is elusive yet rich with musical references. It's all in there.

Following the release of their debut album Po' Girl has been touring relentlessly across North America and the UK. Braving every kind of terrain and weather condition in their well loved van "shaggy" they have performed for and won over audiences from all walks of life.

The band has just finished their new cd "Vagabond Lullabies". The album was released by Nettwerk Records on September 21, 2004.

Wilted, broken, skeletal - the incarnation of deconstructed pop & vintage indie - folk anti-hero Mark Browning’s new voice, ‘‘OX,’’ is full of diesel and grit, spare of polish. The 2003 debut, Dustbowl Revival, is a collection of studio weary fragments, fragile masterpieces, sonic accidents - ‘‘Americana’’ at it’s lo-fi best. The next language of rock.

Vancouver's Ox is a collective project consisting of Mark Browning, Nathan Lawr (Royal City), Chôôn (Radiogram), Jesse Zubot (Zubot & Dawson), Ruby Loves U (Sarah Craig), & ‘‘Cosmic’’ Dave Jeffrey.

In the tradition of The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Velvet Underground, and Frank Zappa – Ox is a musical meeting of the minds – a musical affirmation that anything goes, anything rocks, anything rolls.

The brainchild of Mark Browning, Ox springs from a folk background – cultivated in the fertile soils of the Canadian & American heartland – upon miles of highway, years of greyhound bus touring, and a multitude of adventure, Woody Guthrie style. What has emerged is a reflection of middle-America – where trash and beauty meet – a musical liquor store heist that will leave a distinct flavour of dust in your mouth.

The Lady Racers - Christina Foster, Lia Dawson and Anna Robertson are a trio of talented young women from Kingston. All under 21, they write almost all of their own songs, and possess voices and stage presence beyond their years.

Formed in spring of 2003, they have since played at Blue Skies Music Festival and shared the stage with David Francey and others. Accompanied by one acoustic guitar, which they take turns playing, these young women share a passion for singing and songwriting that shines through and illuminates their thoughtful, sometimes melancholy, and always beautiful harmonies. Their self-titled, eight song album is the Racers’ first recording.

Advance tickets are $8 and on sale now at Brian’s Record Option, Zap Records, UBS Exchange, Renaissance Music, The Grad Club, or through Rock Crew On-line Ticketing

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