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What's your favourite online radio station?


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The one that I often turn to when I am just looking for random music is www.live365.com. It is run by the listeners, and people post their own radio stations. Some are done by dumbass teenagers, but others are done by pros, including ween with Ween Radio.

Get on there and do a search for any band you like, and a station will show up that plays that band among others. It's also good to go to the "Editors' Picks" stations as they are usually good. The VIP stations aren't available if you don't pay for a membership, unfortunately, but I've done pretty well just listening to the regular stations and regular Editors' Picks.

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My two favorites are:

WMVY Martha's Vineyard - this is wha ti listen to most of the day at work, a good compromise for me and my co-worker. They call their format "Adult Album Alternative". A sampling of what they play every day would be stuff like: Bruce Cockburn, John Hiatt, Grateful Dead, Phish, John Prine, Alison Krauss, Guster, Bob Dylan, The Thrills, Little Feat, Patti Smith, Elvis Costello, some good reggae, some oldies, some newer independant artists..... it can get a little "lite" at times, but what can you say about a radio station that will just drop "Foolish Heart" into their broadcast?

Right now I'm listening to Big Up Radio , streaming roots reggae.

Those are my 2 daily visits.

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but alas, as i go to start it for the fourth day straight, its dead.

timing out.

Bummer. i'm sure it'll be up later, but until then, i'll just have to settle for some:

Grateful Dead


Brendan Byrne Meadowlands Arena

East Rutherford, New Jersey

Source: Ultramatrix (SBD/AUD mix)

Lineage: DAT> ?> CD> SHN

Disc 1

1. Mississippi Half-Step

2. Jack Straw

3. To Lay Me Down

4. Ballad of a Thin Man

5. When Push Comes to Shove

6. Minglewood Blues

7. Cumberland Blues

8. Deal


9. China Cat Sunflower

10. I Know You Rider

Disc 2

1. Estimated Prophet

2. Eyes of the World

3. drums

4. space

5. The Other One

6. Wharf Rat

7. Throwin' Stones

8. Not Fade Away


9. Brokedown Palace

streaming Variable Rate MP3's rock!

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marco, why do the dead get the 80's hate? the show jon posted a while back was fu©king insane, and this show is Very Good.

Jerry is sounding VERY VERY VERY good....He really put some extra emotion in MHS and this TLMD is really, really strong....Jerry is really belting it out, and the crowd is eating it right up....

i couldn't imagine saying after this show....ahhhh the dead are washed up....or whatever they were saying in the 80's....

i think the dead sound just fine. Jerry sounds Just Perfect.

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