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meggo's skanc appreciation


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well i started this on the crazy chatham kids thread but i realized i had more people to thank. so i think this is better.


you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i got a package in the mail today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i know i was supposed to wait til friday..... but.... you just never know what might happen.... sooo... i opened it (except for one little part... and i think i know what it is.... our tradition since i turned 16 or 17 i think???)

thank you soooooooo sooooooooooo soooooooooo much! you are a wonderful friend! i am so touched that you not only remembered my birthday, but put together a wicked package for me AND AND AND got it here before my actual day! i feel so lucky to have you as my friend! you rock keri k and i love you THIS MUCH! actually way way more than that, but the internet can only do so much. ::::::

mark tonin & scottieking for being the sage voices of experience and figuratively giving me that reassuring pat on the head. you don't know how much you've helped me!

i also need to thank a whole bunch of ottawa people. the past month especially has been kinda poopy and crazy and you guys have made my life easier and injected many many laughs.

bouchard & ms H for friday <3 [that is a heart]

hux for not killing me on saturday <3

sloth, freeker, hux and stapes for taking in a stray for a day <3

douglas and booche for tomorrow <3

velvet for my whole first month here! <3

howler for lending an ear <3

shootskies... oh and all the ottawa peeps for putting the suffix "-skies" into my vocab.

so yeah. i know there are many more ottawa folks new and not new who have made me feel so welcome - del, nero boys, voodoo lady rubberD asparagus snelly mattyC maggie bradM rosie roxie magicpat lowroller (bonjour!)sunshine jordan davey boy catphish... everyone has been supa dupa mutha fly wicked awesome.

so yeah. i just had a big wave of lucky-ness feeling, it might be hormones but i wanted to share the good vibes, anyway. thanks to everyone for, knowingly or not, giving me a boost especially as of late!!! karma will find youuuuuuu!! ::

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well the good vibes just keep on vibey vibily vibin. woohoo!

can't wait for NYE to see the kings in full force! shazaaaam!

and btw sunshine, hahahahahahahhaha, no i did not steal the sex book.... i tried to commit as many pages to memory as i could in my weakened state. maybe i'll be able to pick up something similar this friday, hmmmmmmmmmm? :: :: or maybe as a group we can incorporate props and design our own? okay i gotta go! :D

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Meggo, you are merely the newest link in a chain of caring educators and your turn will come to return the favor not just to a new teacher, but maybe to an old one like me (or an even older one like Tonin, ha! Just kidding buddy)

I've never known you to be anything but a ray of light, Meggo. See you at New Year's.

Wise words my friend and colleague ... with age comes wisdom ;) ::

As an aside, my meeting today with my VP went well ... sometimes it is very healthy to reflect upon things, which is what the meeting was mainly about.

And honestly meggo, don't ever hesitate to ask for support. Teaching, especially in the early years, can be extremely challenging and emotionally-draining. It's nice to be able to help out a friend and colleague.

Peace, Mark

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