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Sadies show in Calgary....


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Yo, Yo. So we went and caught the Sadies show on Saturday eve at the legendary Bowness Comm Hall. There were a few hundred folks on had for this one and a good time was had by all I think. There were two opening bands, one I can't remember and the other was The Leather Uppers, from the Tdot I believe. They were mildly entertaining; a two piece, guitar/drum, "band" that were wearing velvet capes and a cheesy stage show. I kept saying to Purple Foot, hey were's KG?? Anyhow, they are on tour with the Sadies so if you're gonna see em in the 'couv, its up to you whether or not you get there early...

So the Sadies can rock it out pretty good!! I absolutely love the surf guitar sound!! Must have said that a million times that night...they have a vocal sound ala Urge Overkill (Girl, you'll be a women...soon..and would fit great on the sound track to PUlp Fiction as well), ala Donna the Buffalo (country/surf pangy guitar, minus an accordian), ala a stiff brit pop band. For some reason I also felt like watching Back to the Future after this show too. Not too much going on in the stage show. Between almost every song the dude would say "thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen....this next song is off of our third album and is called...." ...so yeah, pretty stiff. Had they just kept going without thanking me I would have liked it more. BUT, I did have a great time! They play very well and kick out some great tones. Certainly some songs to get your stompin down to and lots of boogy woogy songs too. I found myself breaking out into a mild sweat by the end of the night. So, I would recomend them to you West Coast kiddies and if you go and don't like 'em, you'll have to come out to Calgary to find me so I ain't scared!! ;)

Oh, and at the Bowness Comm Hall, they serve triples...pretty sweet community hall if you ask me!!

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good review. that pretty much nailed it. I liked the pedal steel guy the most. gives it that spacey sound that is so far out. I also liked the songs the two guitar players played while the standup bassist changed his string. "I've never seen him break a string before, he must of been givn'r eh calgary?" But yeah toe stompin hee hawin good times.

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