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i like beards too but i like beards to be trimmed - beards = good - scraggly all over the place big or thick beards though arent really the sexiest imho...

i've always said that if i was a guy, i'd have a different facial hair statement every 3-6 months - constant rotation - full beard, trim it down to jawline, then mutton chops, barbershop moustache, goatee - men have the power to change your look so radically - i've always been surprised that more guys don't take advantage of that fun

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hey h, im with ya, i like to switch mine up a lot... try different things... i can grow one in a week or so, so its never a big deal to start from scratch if i fu©k up with the shaver.... i tend to keep it neat, but i get lazy sometimes... i dont find the itch bothers me, but sometimes if it just gets too thick, it can feel a little weird... i've had facial hair since i was 15, and i just dont see any turning back.

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