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right on, Kazzer's from around here... used to always be in the clubs sitting in with someone or other (great breakdancer, and a really nice guy too)

great to see him doing well for himself (heard he was so its nice to see)

too bad its the same night as Benevento & Russo from Vermont in Hamilton... maybe I'll have to try and mix it up some, been a long time since I've seen Fishbone

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actually think he might be a little more humble than usual in front of the local crowd... maybe not though... he's a country boy from Binbrook who's making it big by getting out of the hick town standards, definately looked like he was enjoying being in the industry last time I bumped into him

going or not really has nothing at all to do with Kazzer (though if I was free I'd check it out), I used to like Fishbone and would really like to see some of that... basically Organ and Drums have been on my calendar for months now, really really looking forward to it

guess I'll figure it out that night as usual

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Guest Low Roller
One thing about Kazzer is that he's extremely confident

I'd be pretty confident too if I was world judo champion like he is. He's also the cousin of a friend (Polish connection, Kazzer is one of my peeps). I can't say anything good about his music though.

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