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Weebs ?!! how could you ?


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Ontario man sentenced for threatening Jacko

KITCHENER, ONT. - A Kitchener, Ont., man has been given a conditional discharge after being charged with threatening the life of pop star Michael Jackson.

A lawyer for Craig Weber, 26, argued Monday that his client sent the e-mail death threats because he had stopped taking medication for depression and anxiety.

Weber, who was also given one year of probation, sent the e-mails to the Santa Maria Courthouse in California on Aug. 16 when Jackson showed up for a pretrial hearing on child molestation charges.

Weebs was watching Jackson on television as the singer entered the building. According to Crown prosecutor Anita Gustin, that's when he became enraged.

He then sent an e-mail to the courthouse stating "Jackson will not make it to his car. This is a promise. By the way, bulletproof vests are weakest under the arm."

After the appearance, QQC sent a second message.

"The cop in the green suit and blue shirt was in the way. Maybe next time," it said.

Afterwards, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office investigated the threats, tracing the e-mails back to Bell Canada's Sympatico internet service.

Bell released Weebs subscriber information to the police, who used it to track down his computer, which they seized after getting a warrant.

Court heard Monday that Craig had been off his medication for about a week before he saw Jackson on TV.

His lawyer, Sean Safa, said Weebs has since resumed taking the pills, and now realizes – even though he hates pedophiles – that "even Michael Jackson is entitled to a presumption of innocence."

Safa and the Crown both agreed to recommend the conditional discharge to Justice Margaret Woolcott.

Jackson, known for his 1982 hit album Thriller, was charged in April with child molestation. The abuse is alleged to have occurred at his Neverland ranch.

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it was like this when i got here.

hmm.. last summer, i collected EI for a few months after a layoff. i had an interview at HRDC with a woman named Rose Weber. she wasn't very concerned whether i was working, employable, looking for a job or whatever.. she was just amused that i had the same name as her son, a local chap. so... there's another guy out there, posing as me. the fact the the article refers to him as 'weebs' and 'qqc' is just baffling. besides, i dont want to kill michael, i just think he's a freak. he went from being a poor black boy to being a rich white woman.. who wouldn't be warped?

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