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Does Anyone know "bear"


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I think her real name is Sara, she lives on a Farm in Carp with Pablo Sanchez and kitkat.... I desperately need to contact this woman!! she has my cymbals at the farm in her car (cause I'm and idiot and forgot them there) and I need to find them and get back to Montreal before mmy gig tonight... anyone that can help me PLEASE... call me (j.D.) I'm staying at Al's place in Ottawa,... the number is (613)733-8311 you can try pming me or email too cool_katz@hotmail.com, but the connections not great here, so phone is way better. If you're reading this past 6 PM on nov. 25th thene please send an email instead of calling.

PLEASE HELP ME... these cymbals are unique and very special to me, and I need them back as soon as possible.. if you have anyway of contacting her, or know someone who does, (or if you're out there beeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr)... uhh ok.. shut up J.D.

thanks everyone

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