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Free Shows all over Ontario this Friday


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Stupid.ca , an anti-smoking campaign, is launching this Friday the 26th and is hosting FREE concerts in Toronto, Ottawa, London, Kingston and Thunder Bay...

Here are the line-ups and venues:

Toronto - York Event Theatre


De La Soul


Dead Celebrity Status

Closet Monster

Not By Choice

London - Call the Office

Not By Choice

Projet Orange

Flashlight Brown

Wheels on the Bus

Kingston - Elixir


Oliver Black

The Roamers

Thunder Bay - Warp 9



Not at Fault

Ottawa - Capital Music Hall



No Other Way

These are all early shows (doors at 6 in most cases), but there's some good bands playing for free, so why not? I'll be at the Ottawa show; Pilate have always been good when I've seen them in the past.



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I take it that no one in these bands smokes?!

That was my first thought and I bet you it's not true! Stupid establishment and their stupid stupidity. When organizations or corporations try to make something appeal to the 12-18 set by trying to make it look 'cool', it is often so painfully wrong that it's, well, painful.

"I'm Lovin' It!" :D

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