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Musical Help Requested


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I'm DJ'ing a friends Stag & Doe on Saturday night and I'm looking for help with my selections. Now be serious here: I cannot play a 72 minute version of the 'Dead playing Crazy Fingers. So, what are some tunes that would be cool to play yet also be crowd pleasers? I tend towards the funk but I will need to mix it up for everyone.

Any suggestions provided will be greatly appreciated!

Love and peace,


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Well, Stag and Doe?

I am going to assume you arent dealing with blue haired people.........man, I gots ta be careful or I am going to go on for an hour!

Beatles Beatles Beatles is safe in the early 'non-dance' stage.

After that, holy moly, good luck. I hope you know your crowd.

Get on Kazaa or something similar, and look for:

Lay Down Sally, Getting Jiggy With It (I'ld be up!), Pump Up The Volume, ok, I am done. I could go on and on and on.

You have to know your crowd, so bring EVERYTHING. Just make a crapload of cd's, but keep them in some sort of order (eg, Funk, Dance, Hip Shit, Old Time RocknRoll) and you should be alright. The more you bring, the safer you are.

A DJ is like a referee.......no one notices when they are good, but BOY, do they notice when they are bad!

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Zepellin "Rock and Roll" always gets me dancin once the drink is flowin

any popular Marley

some Clapton

Neil Young

um, assuming the age group, some 80s suggestions...

I melt with you - Modern English

Lips like sugar - Echo and the Bunnymen

any pop English Beat


The Fixx

I want candy - Bow Wow Wow

Tainted Love - Soft Cell (for those there who aren't married yet)

Talking in your sleep - The Romantics

The politics of dancing - Re-Flex

some Elvis Costello (I'm the man, Allison, Watching the Detectives)

The Police

Peter Gabriel or Genesis

Wang Chung

The Knack

Drugs in my pocket - The Monks

The Clash

New Order

well, some ideas, good luck on all that...

you're the man for the job


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ask backbacon for his Mega mix....it covers pretty well everything!!

For a guy that just recently came out of the closet, that makes alot of sense.

What is your ex/girlfriend's number again? I think a few people are looking for it.

[big Grin]

Speaking of which, George Michael goes over very well.

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Guest Low Roller

Stag huh? Let's assume you want things to get out of control:

- Jimi Hendrix

- OLD Metallica

- Cypress Hill (Hit from the bong...)

- Alice in Chains Unplugged

- Sex Pistols

- Nirvana

- Static X

- Stone Temple Pilots

That stuff will guarantee property damage.

For when the strippers get there:

- That "Dirty" song by Christina Aguilera. Of course it sucks, but have you seen the video?? Very apropos.

That reminds me of a joke:

Q: "What's the opposite of "No Man's Land"?

A: Christina Aguilera

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Guest Low Roller

Going back to the whole Xtina thing, wow, she's such an ugly whore! Who in their right mind even finds that much make-up caked all over her face appealing?? I bet she looks just fine without it.

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Not that anyone was obsessing about it, but here is the complete set :

Maple Leaf Gardens





1)Good Love is Hard To Find



4)Laissez Faire


6)Is There Life on Mars

Ronnie Blakely:

7)Alabama Dark (with Guam)

8)New Sun Rising



Cindy Bullens:

10)Nowhere to Go


11)Mercedes Benz

Joni Mitchell:

12)Woman of Heart and Mind


14)Edith and the Kingpin

15)Don't Interrupt the Sorrow


Bobby Neuwirth:

1)Rambling Jack

Ramblin' Jack Elliot:

2)Muleskinner Blues

3)Pretty Boy Floyd

4)Salt Park West Virginia

5)I'm a Rich and Rambling Boy

Bob Dylan:


7)It Ain't Me, Babe

8)Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll

9)Tonight I'll Be Staying With You

10)It Takes A Lot to Laugh...

11)Romance in Durango


Dylan & Baez:

13)The Times They Are a-Changin'

14)Dark as a Dungeon

15)Never Let Me Go


Dylan & Baez:

1) I dreamed I saw St. Augustine

2)I Shall Be Released

Joan Baez:

3)Diamonds and Rust

4)Swing Low Sweet Chariot

5)Joe Hill

6)Love Song To A Stranger Part 2

7)Long Black Veil

8)Please Come to Boston

9)The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Roger McGuinn:

10)Eight Miles High

11)Chestnut Mare

Gordon Lightfoot:

12)Race Among the Ruins

13)The Watchman's Gone



Bob Dylan:

1)Baby Blue

2)Love Minus Zero/No Limit

3)Simple Twist of Fate

4)Oh Sister


6)One More Cup of Coffee


8)Just Like a Woman

9)Knockin' on Heaven's Door

10)This Land is Your Land

Rob Not Bob (although sometimes I wish I was [Wink] )

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