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Up for some different music tonight in Ottawa?


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If anybody's up for taking in some different (as in, outside the normal [though wide] bounds of "jammy") music, I'm going to be at Mavericks tonight for Sojourn, R-Mistake, Tier Three, and A Plot Against Me.

My main interest is in R-Mistake, as that's the band that Bryan, the sound man at Cafe Dekcuf (and sometimes Mavericks) is in; as well as being a sound man, he's also an accomplished guitarist (I jammed with him once or twice last year at Dekcuf, and loved playing alongside him).

Note that this show has an early start, allegedly 9pm sharp. The schedule I got from Bryan has Sojourn at 9pm, R-Mistake at 10pm, Tier Three 11pm, and A Plot Against Me at midnight.



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Another alternative to the usual live music tonight is Andy Creeggan, ex-keyboardist and conga player for the Barenaked Ladies. He's really good, I assume he'll be doing mostly piano/vocals kinda thing promoting his second solo cd (he also has three out with his brother Jim, the BNL bass player as The Brothers Creeggan - really really good music).

It's free at Cafe Nostalgica. I'll be there trying to get my friend Eric drunk for his birthday.

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