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Buy Nothing Day.


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I'm 15 hours and 15 minutes in, and yet to spend a penny! It's pathetic how much I had to scramble around yesterday in preparation though... what a sad, sad society we live in that I'm so conditioned to constatly consume. The hardest thing so far? Going without my morning coffee!!! The hardest thing to come? Going to Something Something tonight and not being able to drink until after midnight!!! (Oh, please let them run me a tab)

Cheers! Happy Saving!

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just waiting until tomorrow to buy what you would have bought today really defeats the point of buy nothing day. it's not about buying nothing that one day.

I disagree. My having to plan around not buying anything today (even if it is only one day) has resulted in me thinking quite heavily about my consumer habits and as a result, very likely

learning to do with less.
A very effective catalyst, if you ask me. Thanks AdBusters!


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