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Q of the day 11/26 *late edition*


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What music have you downloaded or purchased this week?

I had a slow week seeding a few Daniel Lanois shows and uploading 5 Fat Cats shows to archive (yet to be made public),but still made out alright.



Bob Dylan "Eat The Document" 1966 VCD

Bob Dylan 1976-05-23 VCD

Bob Dylan 1992 "My Back Pages" rehearsal 30th Ann. Concert MSG

Bob Dylan 2000-09-20 VCD

Bob Dylan 2003-07-26 VCD


Bob Dylan 1991-07-26

Bob Dylan "98 SBD"

Bob Dylan 1998-06-07

Bob Dylan 2002-08-03

Bob Dylan 2004-11-13

Wilco 2004-11-15

The Tragically Hip - 1989-12-?? (Toronto)

The Tragically Hip - 1991-95-24 (Holland)

In the mail:


Bob Dylan - "Just a song & dance man" 1963-07-06 - 1965-12-03

Bob Dylan - 2004-03-03


Humble Pie - 1973-05-06

Albert Collins - 1973 -11-20 (Elmocambo - Toronto)

Little Feat - 2004-06-22 (Hamilton,ON)

Little Feat & Bonnie Raitt (waiting for text info)

No purchases.

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I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this ... but I bought a GWAR DVD at their show the other night.

Otherwise, I've downloaded a little Pat Metheny this week.

I must add to my last post, as I just remembered that I also bought "Lawn Boy" by Phish this week and a disc by De La Soul. As well, I just returned from buying a disc by Tasillo Goetz from The Queen Charlotte Islands, Rose Bay, BC.

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Al Green

I was just thinking about Al Green yesterday

looking to pick up some cd's from him, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, etc. Any recommendations ?

As far as downloads or purchases go...

Guigsy sent me out The Slip Ice Cream Truck show and last night at The Spades i picked up James McKenty's solo cd Restless Soul

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kings of leon - aha shake heartbreak (not out til Feb!!)

Umphery's McGee -10/19/04? I think - SBD Matrix - Not bad - Great Police cover


Medeski, Martin, and Wood - End of the World Party (Just in Case) WOW! I can't wait to see them after this. I hope they can bring this new texture to their to the stage

Hey Schwa, how the Schleigho? Heard good things.

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traded an new Azuris Aurum Album with the boys at Slowcoaster for one of theirs (does that count as a "bought")

great stuff... i'm listening to it right now! as for downloading my computer doesn't want to let me dowload stuff... oh well.. I've got enough backlog of music anyway.

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they're not bad. very energetic jazz is best way to describe them. Listen to them whenever i'm on the computer surfin but haven't gotten around to hearing the sound on my big system yet....thats when i really make a judgement on a band and how they sound....when the system can bring out all of the quality or lack thereof.

Here is the show i downloaded....matrix quality

listen for yourselves

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