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Fat Cats on archive.org - *updated*


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Hey folks,just wanted to let ya'll know that finally the Fat Cats are on the internet archive.

So far I've only got one show available,but there are two others in transit from their server to archive right now and should be up within the hour.I also have two others uploading via FTP and will be up during the weekend.

I made sure to have all formats made available for download.Awesome to be able to stream the Fat Cats anytime ya want.

Anyway,heres whats up for now:

Fat Cats 1993-12-26 Kitchener ON.

For a complete list keep checking here:

Fat Cats shows by year

As mentioned there is currently only one available but bookmark this link for future use if you want,I should be able to get a few more shows up over the weekend and begining of next week.

I have also worked out a deal with a taper for over one hundred 1 gen cassette copies of Fat Cats shows dating back to the beginning (1992) and up until 1999 to transfer to CDR and to archive.org.I should start getting these within the next month or so,should keep me nice and busy over the christmas holidaze.

Huge thanks to the Fat Cats for giving years of good times,awesome music,community and the permission to be able to share this music with the world on archive.

Cheers & enjoy.


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Just a heads up for anyone interested, I was able to get another show up over the weekend (1997-09-16),another one is waiting for moderator approval and should be up today.(2003-03-16 PJC).

I recommend the 1997 at the notorious La Luna's,a rare full band acoustic show,with Tyler Gibson on organ and Joel Stouffer's first gig with the Cats,its cool to be able to hear Todd telling Joel the chords and Joel not missing a beat,even when he'd never heard the song before.Sound quality is awesome,fade in at the first track and a tape "wobble" about 2 minutes in for 1 second,no problems after that.Liberated from an almost destroyed cassette since the original DAT has long since disappeared unfortunatley.

Great show in my opinion,really tight playing and the vocals & jams are dead on for breaking in a brand new drummer,definatley one of my favourites.



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Via FTP.

Folders must be named like this > FatCats1997-09-16.flac(or SHN)(no space between FatCats),you have to create that directory in the FTP and upload to it.

I tried to associate Fat cats with "fc" abbreviation but it was already being used and they recommended FatCats (case sensitive),I also name each file the same way (minus the compression format)ie; FatCats1997-09-16d1t01,but I imagine it doesn't have to be that way for all uploads.

You also have to create an MD5 for FLAC,I do it after I encode them since thats what I'm uploading,I haven't included any MD5's for the WAVs though,wasn't sure if I should or not.

Just so ya know,2003-03-16 is awaiting approval from the moderator and will be up later today.I uploaded it last night.

Heres archive.org's instructions.


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Also could you give me the source info for the July 06 2002 Casbah show,I believe you taped this one and I cant remeber the source or transfer info,I took a guess on it just so there was somthing to post,think I was close to what you had mentioned to me before.

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Thanks Steve,I am waiting to upload that one,but there seem to be some uploading issues right now,keep getting this error from the FTP at Archive > [color:"red"]Disc Full - Try upload later ,hopefully they resolve this issue today,seems to be happening to a number of people,along with a metadata reading problem.

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2002-07-06 now up.

Hey Steve,

Do you know who was playing congas on this show?

I cant remember and I don't hear any keys in there.I have it ready to upload to.

Fat Cats

La Luna's



Source: SBD

Todd Gillies - Guitar/Vocals

Chris Gatchne - Guitar/Vocals

David E. Hill - Bass

Joel Stouffer -Drums

??? -Congas


02.The Station



05.Call Me The Breeze

06.Solider's Home

07.Stand Back

08.Shakedown Street

09.Visions of Johanna

10.Hey Man

11.Run Back Home


13.Burden & Misfortune

14.Friend of the Devil

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Fat Cats

The Opera House



Todd Gillies - Guitar/Vocals

Chris Gatchne - Guitar/Vocals

David E. Hill - Bass

Tyler Gibson - Organ

Joel Stouffer - Drums

?? - Drums

*Two drummers playing this show,sadly I can't remember the other drummers name.Update to come.


Next up:

The Vault




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