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it's that time of the week...

The Spades weekly gig at the MoHo is hap-nin once again ::

so come swill draft at the sloppiest bar in town, raise your arms while singing i like to burn things, meet us out back for fatties and kick-er-down to a rockin' good band

pre-game warm-up @ moose lodge

come get [color:"red"] RED eyed at the lodge


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The Shovels are freakin' awesome ::

my new favourite country band fo sho

thanks moose for picking me up their rockin cd ::yer swell!

I'm glad you enjoyed them I love them too...but I'm obvioulsy bias.

Julie's voice is amazing on the Cd...especially on "don't hit the Bottle"

They're working a their next album which I'm told will be out early in the new year...Ok enough of my shameful advertising.

http://www.theshovels.ca/index.htm ;)

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