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1987 VW Cabriolet Convertable For Sale


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[color:"green"] Possibly, does it run?

I just took my car in yesterday to get fixed. It started up and ran fine, except for the jerking motion when it wasn't getting gas. Then the VW people put in a new fuel filter and cleaned out my fuel lines. Now they are having problems getting it started. So now it is getting all new fuel injectors and whatever it takes to get it started.

I have put $10,000 into that car in the past 3 years and people ask me why am I selling it after I put so much work into it. The engine purs like a kitten! All it needs is a little bit of body work new axils and a speedo head.

Here is the new parts that I have put into it:

Gas tank

Fuel Pump, fuel lines, fuel filter

Catalytic convertor

all new exhaust and muffler

Starter and Altenator

Water Pump



windshield wiper motor

replaced the tranny-$1000


distributor cap and rotor

and that is all that I can think of at the moment.

Please email me a pick of your van! I might be intrested when I am finished college because I could fit all my stuff into the van and move somewhere warmer!

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