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~ happy birthday sweetmarie! ~


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happy happy happy happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sweetest most wonderfully blonde dready headed awesome chick i know! i hope your days in chico are full of sunshine & happiness! i miss you dammit! :D come home! hahaha. sorry, i should be supportive & all (and i am!) i just miss your beautiful shining face around here!

so in honour of your birthday & how freakin' awesome you are, here is a prom party in dedication of the big day!


hope you had an AWESOME birthday, and i can't wait to hear from you next!

here, have some birthday cake!


(and btw, keep an eye on your mailbox.... heh heh)

miss you!




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happy birthday baby!

it`s been lots of fun getting to know your wonderful self over the past while! you came to my cottage and did line dancing in the middle of the afternoon, and i knew we'd get along just fine! ;)

loved all the bonfires and prom dress fashion shows. don't get too comfortable out west, ya hear??

miss you lady, and i hope you have an AWESOME day!!!

love, meggo xooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :-)

Thank you all sooo much for all the Happy Birthday wishes and thoughts!! My birthday wasn't the same without all of my closest friends....but one special friend of mine (Simone) made sure that my weekend would be a special one!! SO here is what happened...

*Simone isolates me for the week...telling me to leave when the phone rings...hiding in her room ....hmmmmmm

*Friday...after a long night of celebrating the American thanksgiving in a town called Paradise with some new friends...my sister takes me out for a b-day dinner.

*We go out for coffee...and eventually arrive home......to...........a SURPRISE party!!....Simone had planned a party at our house with all of the new friends we have met (and with all of you at heart)!!!!!!!!

*People...costumes....peanut butter-double- chocolate icecream covered cake!!! (with Happy Birthday Marie EH!!! written on top)..

*Not to mention the brown earthprincess decorations and candles, peanut butter themed goodies (my fav)...tubs of whipped cream..drinks....omg....mmm mmmm good!!

*prezzies...THREE new dazzling-black-cocktail party dresses..complete with lady shoes in black and gold...and one very fine black flapper crop top cardigan (for those cool nights)....but of course...i wanted to stand out..so i chose the purple shiny catsuit spandex and pastel pink and blue tuttu body suit to go over top. Perfect for the bday girl!!

*dance routines...Simone and I performed our newly composed hip-hop dance routine...with influences including our wonderful dance teacher Becky...and our new belly dance teacher/friend..Gini.

*My own personal Birthday Belly dance performance in the living room of our house

*Presents including new great Phish shows(from our friend Paul)..fresh garlic almonds from a friend's farm....a new BIKE!! painted red and white to represent CANADA from our friend Rick.....and .....

*a hike in the local bidwell park

*a day trip to the mountains..where we drank champagne and bathed in hotsprings, atop some of the most beautiful mountains, under a crystal clear californian blue sky

*Pulling over at the side of the road,witnessing the sun set amongst the mountains (fire orange , yellow and reds)...eating dinner... mmmmmmmm.

*going home...listening to our friend Paul play guitar...and singing along.....sipping tea....

What a great birthday!!..I thought that I would share this experience with all of you...of whom I care about so very much!!

Come out and visit!! You are all welcome here!!

Love you and Miss you!


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