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John Hall of Addison Groove Project - RIP


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No official word mentioned on their site yet.

John Hall,the bass player from Addison Groove Project lost his long painful battle with colon cancer this weekend.


John hadn't be touring with AGP since 2003 except for a few shows in his local area,Rob Marsche (keyboards) had been playing the basslines in his absence.

Very sad news.Much love to his family & the AGP family.

Seriously guys,as a person living with cancer I have already been checked out, but be sure to get yourself checked out at the doctors,no matter how unpleaseant it may be or sound,it is preventable if discovered early enough.

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May you rest in peace John Hall.

How very sad that John was taken this early in life. When I interviewed Rob Marscher late this summer he said in the interview that John was "doing okay." I wonder if Rob knew how close one of his best friends was to the end?

You never know when your time is at hand. Live life by the fullest everybody, we're only here for a short time.

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From the AGP newsletter:

On Friday morning, at about 2 AM, our bass player, John Hall passed away after fighting cancer for more than a year and a half. He was surrounded on Thanksgiving by his close family and was fully conscious until almost the very end. Because of his passing, we have decided not to perform this Thursday night at the Downtown in Farmingdale, NY (you ought to go, though, because Matisyahu and the Bomb Squad are amazing).

We last visited with John on November 20th, his 25th birthday. We were thrilled to find him still full of the spirit we were blessed to experience during his life. On his last night, he died with the same calmness, bravery, dignity, and wit that had characterized him during his life.

John was a founding member of Addison Groove Project and performed with the group until his diagnosis in June of 2003. Though he was not performing with us, his presence was felt on every stage, in every city we went. He was like a brother to us and it still feels unnatural to think we'll never have another conversation with him.

If you have any memories, stories or comments about John, we'd love to read them and think we'd be comforted by them. Please email them to John@addisongroove.com (in case he's still checking, you never know) and at least one of us will look at them. Also, if you've photographed the band and have some nice pictures of John playing or hanging out, let us know through the same address.

Donations may be made in John's memory to

The Mockingbird Foundation

c/o The Godards

6948 Luther Circle

Moorpark, CA


or to

Healthcare Dimensions Hospice

40 Woerd Ave.

Suite 102

Waltham, MA


Attn: Jennifer Harding.

Take care,,

Brendan, Dave, Rob, Ben, Andrew, Aaron, Steve, and Lee

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