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... SECRET santa, that is!

well, not-so-secret-santa now, ;), but i just got my secret santa package in the mail and WOW!!!! THANKS SO MUCH, STONE MTN.! i'm really excited to hear this cd! rough? heh, i like it rough! (oh you perverts, i'm talking about music...... or am i? ;) hahahaha, just kidding. i am obviously the perv here!)

anyway! thanks very much StoneMtn., i was so excited to see this when i came in today! i'm also very proud to have this extremely limited edition cd, especially since the profits of it are for such a good cause! i'm gonna listen to this on my lunch break for sure!

i'm creating this thread for 2 purposes actually -- one, to thank my own wonderful secret santa of course (high fives to the StoneMtn., whoohooo!!!!), and also to give people an opportunity to create a wish list of sorts. or if not a specific "i want this!" list, even an idea of things, bands, etc. they like, or if they're pretty easy, maybe even things they DON'T like, to help people think of appropriate present ideas. and don't be shy! it's christmas! it's more than okay to say "i like this, i want this, i'm not so keen on this, blah blah" we're talking about people buying you presents! :: haha. i'm sure there are a number of secret santas who haven't met each other yet, and heck, i know there are secret santas who HAVE met, and still would like a little a nudge in the right direction so they can at least get some ideas of what to get their recipient.

i'm also shamelessly hoping my own secret santa will respond. heeheehee....

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PalacePrincess: It was my pleasure. In fact, I must admit that I really enjoyed sending that out, and it put me in a good mood for days knowing that I did so; so there was at least one selfish reason for doing it.

Now ... as PP has suggested that I should offer up some input as to what I want from my Secret Santa (Secret "Hannuka Harry?")... there is a Rolls Royce that I've had my eye on lately... ;)

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I was being a little ficitious above, so maybe I'll be nice to my Secret Hannuka Harry and give some input.

I don't want anyone to spend any money on me. If possible, find something FREE with a story attached. I promise I will love whatever I get; especially if it truly cost the sender ZERO DOLLARS.

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