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Tiny, vibrations have already started shaking the foundations of pjc. Not sure if the building can hold for the duration of this show.

We will need volunteers to hold up the walls and dance floor. In case of a complete meltdown please DO NOT PANIC. Allow women and children to leave first in an orderly fashion.

Please assist the elderly.

We may also need volunteers to help distribute hot cocoa and blankets.


Pepper Jack's

Fri. Dec. 3rd

with some rare funky ass records courtesy of Jon Sikich, before and in-between sets.


38 King William, Hamilton




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Please please....everyone wear as little as possible.

Don't bring change....leave your keys at home and wear the lightest of materials.

My wallet weighs about a pound on it's own. I'll bring slippers instead of full soled shoes.

Perhaps this should be a TOGA party to keep the load below capacity?

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Thank you for your concern Bouche. While I would also recommend leaving any valuables or non esential items at home, some identification may be a good idea, in case anyone is seperated from their loved ones.

Also, people with heart conditions, please consult your doctor before deciding whether to attend.

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