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any ottawa activists in the house?


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I've got to work, but even if I didn't I'd stay away from the protests. Had some bad experiences with Ottawa Police over-reacting last time and don't want to get caught up in it again.

I will be giving the finger to AIr FOrce One as it flys over my office tomorrow morning though. We're right in the glidepath for the long runway, so I'll probably get closer to him than anyone downtown!


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i'm not sure! i'm usually so beat after work that all i wanna do is sleep... but then i sit here and fart around for an hour or so, then i do work til i eventually do fall asleep... but, i digress.

i would like to go, for sure. i know it may not change the world but it would be nice to make my beliefs known, if only by my presence in a crowd. i don't want to get pushed around, though. i was thinking it'd be kind of a cool protest to just have thousands and thousands of people standing on the hill... [or, insert appropriate venue here].. not yelling or anything, just standing quietly. looks neat in my head, anyway.

so yeah. still not sure.

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I hear ya Meggo...I'd like to see thousands of people pull a Radio Head.

People are justifiable pissed off and Bush has had such a massive hand in making the world such a violent place...universal cosmic shitstorm...its difficult to imagine people not trying to push back.

If there are enough non-violent orgs involved, that will help keep the peace....not sure who's in charge or involved in the organizing. I haven't been watching much news over the past couple of weeks because I was pretty down low in the ghetto.

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its a once in a life time experience, history... protests look 100 times worse on television than when you're actually there... its mostly going to be college/university students, hippies, NDP'ers, parents with their kids and grandma's... a thousand cops really don't want twenty thousand people to get out of control, the only thing to worry about is if someone near you throws something at the cops or something, then it'd be a good time to move away from that area a couple of hundred feet... I have some important commitments that can't be put aside (someone counting on me) or I'd be on my way there... pretty bummed out I'm not on my way

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According to rabble.ca



Rallying point

Confederation Park, Ottawa

(Corner of Elgin and Laurier)


Tuesday, November 30


Rallying point

With candles

Parliament Hill


Tuesday, November 30

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President George W. Bush begins a two-day visit to Canada tomorrow, his first official state jaunt to this country since becoming president. The first day alone is jam packed with events. Here's the itinerary, subject to change:

11 a.m.: Air Force One touches down at Ottawa International Airport, where the President will be welcomed by Prime Minister Paul Martin and assorted dignitaries. As a token of goodwill regarding trade sanctions on softwood lumber, the Prime Minister will present the president with a B.C. two-by-four.

11:20 a.m.: The Prime Minister will then inform President Bush that he is taking the extraordinary measure of taking him into custody and putting him on trial for war crimes.

11:21 a.m.: Just before presidential aides finish entering codes into the "briefcase" that will see everything north of the 49th parallel obliterated within 10 minutes, Prime Minister Martin tells President Bush he's just messing with him. Everyone knows the President loves a good joke, and there is expected to be much laughing and backslapping for several minutes.

11:30 a.m.: Motorcade takes president and his entourage into downtown Ottawa. President Bush has private lunch with Prime Minister Martin at 24 Sussex Dr. while Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Martin trade stories about what a drag it is having to smile all the damn time.

1 p.m.: Joint news conference, where Prime Minister Martin will answer all manner of questions from the attending U.S. media about Canada and its workings.

1:01 p.m.: With an anticipated early end to this news conference, the two leaders will retire to discuss trade and security issues. In particular, the President will be wanting to know what steps Canada is taking to keep married same-sex couples from crossing the border into the U.S., particularly if they are carrying any decriminalized marijuana.

2 p.m.: This was the time when the President had originally been scheduled to speak to Parliament, but now will not for fear of being heckled. However, following a suggestion from some Ontario Tories, the President will be flown to the Greater Toronto Area where he will make a speech to Canadians from the Magna auto parts plant.

4 p.m.: Back to Ottawa, President Bush and his chief military strategists, as well as some top Pentagon people, meet with Prime Minister Martin and his defence minister to discuss Canada's participation in anti-missile defence shield. President Bush to give demonstration of the system's effectiveness on the Presidential Game Boy.

5 p.m.: In a bid to publicize how border restrictions on Canadian beef are about to be dropped, the Prime Minister and the President will, before the official press corps, slaughter a cow.

5:30 p.m.: Canada's immigration minister is scheduled to meet with President Bush and her counterpart from south of the border to see whether U.S. can help Canada with its critical shortage of exotic dancers. "Why should we be relying on Romania," the immigration minister will argue, "when our good neighbour to the south has loads of hot-looking naked chicks?" The environment minister is also slated to attend, to formalize the deal, should the U.S. decide it will only provide strippers in exchange for unlimited access to our water.

6:20 p.m.: As a courtesy, President Bush will hold meeting with leaders of Canada's opposition parties, New Democrat Jack Layton, the Bloc's Gilles Duceppe, Conservative Stephen Harper. Secret Service on alert to prevent Conservative leader from throwing arms around the president and giving him a big kiss on the lips.

8 p.m.: A big, fancy dinner at the Museum of Civilization across the river in Hull. President to be briefed that, despite some irregularities in the local signage, he is not in France, but matters may be complicated when Céline Dion performs.


edited because this is my 666th post. NUMBER OF THE BEAST!!!!!!!

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