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Im going home Donny

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Just wondering how difficult this is. Groove fetish was kind enough to send me a cd with photos of some of my now burned paintings.

As a pictorial memorrandum and as a new start...I'm hoping to create a web page for my burned & new paintings.

Do I really need to take an expensive class to figure this out. If so, would a short workshop do the trick.

I really have a pitifull knowlage about this kind of stuff.


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I'm sure there's enough people on here who can lend a hand

nice thing about learning web design is there are volumes of resources (as in tons) online for whatever level of experience you have

best to learn some basics... find somewhere you can load up a page to and mess around with it for a while to get the hang of things...

I'd say your big issue right now is scanning the artwork properly so you need someone with a good scanner who knows how to use it... get those digital image files onto a disc and take it from there then work out your display design and language for the site etc...

later tonight I'll post some really good learning links (after I have some dinner)

see if you can 'borrow' a copy of dreamweaver off someone as well

I'm almost done Pepperjack's Website... its at about 85% I'd say, need to fix up the navigation on the left and mess with a couple more things

its a labor of love, your artistic side will enjoy

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howler, its a lot easier than you think... 'specially if you can get a copy of dreamweaver, like paisley suggested. i've found its pretty easy to learn. if you can design in photoshop, its easy enough to import into dreamweaver, it makes the code for you, and you just gotta worry about your links and layers and stuff... a few solid days of staring at the screen and getting pissed off and drinking way too much coffee and having way too many smokes, then it'll all come to ya and you'll be off to the races! ::

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the below are handy references, they cover pretty much anything you'll run into to do with web design... as guigs says you can use Dreamweaver and Photoshop for most stuff... its good to know some basics though in case Dreamweaver fuks up your page on you and makes you crazy (also good for going through and making sure you don't have a ton of redundant code, but worry about that later)

I'll just keep editing this list as I find other sites I've used over time... big thing to html code is learning that every element has an opening 'tag' and a closing 'tag'... the positive thing is that html code is really fairly simple, its not 'code' like a programming language really... though it can still look pretty ugly to beginners

HTML Goodies - good primers for beginners... probably start here (then use the menu choices on the left)

Web Monkey - was a good site with a sense of humor about it all, don't think its still updated anymore but is a good resource... their HTML cheatsheet page is a good place to see what the different 'tags' are

Site Point - good resource especially for intermediate level stuff... they have several well written Beginner's Guides you should have a look at

another good way to learn is to open simple webpage's you bump into and look at the code, try and figure it out and mess around with it... if you're in internet explorer hit "View" near the top, then scroll down and hit "Source" and the html for that page will open up for you, likely in notepad or something similar

stay away from frames... tables yes, frames no is a good rule of thumb 98% of the time

also don't personally like flash much unless its really well done (and even then its not a good method of displaying detailed images)

aesthetics and content are where you make or break your designs... have fun!

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I would love to learn this stuff too... I've got so many photos and schtuff that I'd love to share with anyone who cares. I've had LargeMarge.ca registered for ages but have yet to do anything with it.

Any chance of getting some sort of group tutorial going? I guess not, seeing as we're talking Ottawa-Hamilton-Toronto. This dreamweaver is pretty self-explainatory though, is it?


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jees...thanks so much for all the info folks....and Thatpatguy, yeah if you realy don't mind I probably will try to pick yer brain for info early in the new year ::

Super appreciate everyones help because I need to accept the loss of a lifetime of work...(somehow having some of the images w/new stuff makes me feel better)(Tasha you're the best)I think this will help me create new and improved works and get it out there.


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