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Greetings Jamband community...

I figured i've read enough non-music posts on this forum to go ahead with this topic.

My friend and I have a comic strip called Awesome Marcus Ninja. It's about an "ordinary" guy with an "ordinary" life/ job who happens to be... a ninja. Since "ninja" does not pay, he is forced to cope with living living the life a "normal" person (ie. job, girlfriend, etc.), although we try to showcase his eccentric attitudes (ie. sense of justice) in the strip as well.

The site is updated every week. There are only three strips posted now (one per week), but plenty waiting to be uploaded. Also, there is a message board / email address on the site if you want to let us know what you think of the comic. Here's the address:


enjoy! and be sure to check back every week for new strips...

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