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Looks like you two fell from the same tree;


I have a theory though. It's like ordering an Orange Pop at Mcdonalds. Nobody likes that sh!t but you hang out with your Dungeons and Dragons friends... Smoke some pot, drink some orange colored piss water, and discover something is amiss at Hogwarts.

I wish I liked it. I wish I liked Orange Pop better than Coke. I wish I smoked cloves.

Ohhhhh how I wish Weasley would be able to stick it to Malfoy!

People have always called me weird. I never really noticed it until I spent some time alone.

Why are STD's only transmitted through your privates? I mean I know they are Sexually Transmitted but how the fu©k does that work? Why don't you get them from holding hands? What makes our sex organs havens for dripping ooze?
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