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MP3 player/cell phone for sale


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Hey all,

So, I won a contest at The Beer Store. I won a Nokia 3300 Music Phone, it's a cell with a built in MP3 player and FM radio, it comes with a bunch of accessories like a memory card and a pile of cables and things. It's way fancy looking. As a contest prize activation fees are waived and the first two months (up to 100 minutes per) are free.

The lady told me the package is worth over $350 and I wanna sell it. I'd like to get $200 or more for it, anyone interested?

You can check it out here:


By the way, this puppy is still in the plastic - I ain't opened nothin'.

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Looks like you'd have to go with Rogers to enjoy this offer.

Since we are on the topic of cell phones.

Anyone interested in getting a Telus cellphone and can pick it up in Ottawa can enjoy a heady %25 (%30 fo MIKE phones) discount before January 1st.

I can give five of these discounts per year and I still have 5 left.

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