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Fishbone tour dates looks cancelled


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I just checked on


and they list the Dec. 2 (Lee's Palace, Toronto, ON), 4 (Embassy, London, ON), 5 (Babylon, Ottawa, ON), and 7 (The Middle East Club, Cambridge, MA) shows as "[color:"red"]cancelled". There's no news about this listed on


but their December 2004 tour dates have nothing before Dec. 17 (mind you, they get their dates from fishbonelive.org).

If anybody close to any of the venues listed above can do a quick check, I'd appreciate. Babylon still lists the gig, but it may be that they haven't updated their web page yet.



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The tour is a wash. Originally the agent asked for Sunday December 5 for Casbah. It got confirmed, and announced, then over the weekend I was asked to trade with Ottawa for the Friday night. Quick ticket update, and date change. 5 days later and 75 advance tickets later I get a call the tour has been blown out. Money issues, horn player issues. Issues, issues. Fact is no Fishbone. No show at all in fact.

Instead, Casbah Lounge stays open with DJ HURTSACK PRESENTS FORBIDDEN FLAVOURS OF JAZZ, No Cover Charge. A great stop off before you go to the Duo. Go Duo.

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