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nero run

Im going home Donny

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hey BradM...depends on whether or not i have to bring my dog

which depends on whether or not my mum has B&B guests and whether or not Pete & Tasha have room for Wilson.

Also depends on whether or not one of my possible passengers can get Friday off work.

Right on Alexis...lookin forward to seeing you too. :)

Someone in Ottawa has got to have room for ya.

Also moe.ron mentioned that there are VERY cheap flights to Toronto for sale. I think that's her plan of action.

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I'm flying home to Toronto on the 10th and I'm hoping to catch one last Nero show. Anyone have plans on renting a hotel in Kitchener that night? Glad to hear that some kids from the big O will be representing. Look forward to seeing everyone and hearing some sweet Nero. I'm gonna miss the boyz.

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meggo! get that adorable little tush of yours down for the show in the 10th! c'monnnn.... it's even on a FRIDAY which means you can scoot on back to ottawa-la-la on the saturday & still have a whole bunch of time to do work or whatever other ridiculously productive things that are holding you back.

c'mon... i'll let you sleep in my t-shirt sheets again! ;)

heh heh

(oh and p.s. i will be at this show :D. FOR SURE this time.)

heyyy, heyyyy, a million miles to mark a.........

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"Once my cousin ate so much spaghetti she fell asleep at the table face down in her plate of noodles" ... that happened to my daughter once when she was really young ... or was it a bowl of soup that she fell asleep in? ... maybe the plate of noodles ended up on her head? ... hmmm ... now I'm hungry ... and tired ... but not too tired to say "I'm X-cited!!!"

Peace, Mark

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