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The El Mocambo Upstairs and 360 Degrees Artists Presents...

Southern Ontario's The Fat Cats


Friday, December 17, 2004 10:00 PM

w/guest Peirson Ross

The El Mocambo (up stairs)

464 Spadina ave. Toronto On

ph. 416-777-1777


The Fat Cats are a veteran hard-working five-piece roots/rock act from Hamilton. Formed in 1993, the band spent it's formative years touring much of Canada and quickly attracted a legion of loyal fans from across the country. Mirroring the touring and improvisational practices of Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers, The Fat Cats spearheaded the development of a brand new grassroots improvisational rock or "jamband" music scene in Canada.


Their second album "Daredevil," released in 1999, showed the Fat Cats' chemistry at it's finest with collaborations with guest musicians Steve Adams, Katin Kiss and The New Deal's Jaime Shields. Incorporating a global approach to songwriting by combining elements of folk, country, funk and blues "Daredevil," shows off the band’s muscular instrumental penchant for groove and harmony. The success of the constant touring and well-received album catapulted the band to a non-stop festival and club concert circuit for much of the 90's playing bills with Merl Saunders, moe., JGB and more recently with Little Feat. As their fanbase grew, other improvisational bands began to follow and a fresh new 'jamband' scene grew into a underground phenomenon in Canada.


With constant touring, months of weekly shows, eventually exhaustion set in. After taking a few months off sporadically throughout the winter and spring of 2003, the band decided that the group was in dire need of a vacation. The Fat Cats said goodbye to the community that they had helped form to sit back, reflect and watch from the outside for a few months.


Luckily, the dedication of the fans and of the musicians to keep the music alive has brought the Fat Cats back to the forefront of Ontario's club circuit, and with the addition of new keyboardist Josh Williams and drummer Adam King, original members guitarist/vocalist Todd Gillies, guitarist/vocalist Chris Gatchene and bassist Dave Hill have been playing with a resurgence of energy, performing strong shows in Southern Ontario.


Back with confidence after last year's sold-out New Years Eve and this year's Halloween performance in Hamilton, Fat Cats capped off their year with blistering sets at venues and Festivals across Southern Ontario. The Fat Cats mark their return to Toronto on Friday, Dec. 17, 2004 at the Legendary El Mocambo Tavern. With a new double album in the works, The Fat Cats seem to be back in the saddle again, and the band played on...

Fat Cats current line-up

Chris Gatchene – guitar & vocals

Todd Gillies – guitar & vocals

David E. Hill – bass

Adam King – drums

Josh Williams – keyboard, harmonica & vocals


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Don't you realize how hard it is for cats as fat as they are to get around? I mean, all they want to do is lie in the sun and eat tuna (and who can blame them?)

Oh, I realize and understand why, I just don't like it. (And all kidding aside, I do understand why they haven't made it up here [to Ottawa] very often. It's a long haul, and there's a good chance the crowd wouldn't be big enough to even cover travel + lodging expenses. Maybe if someone could arrange a Friday night Kingston show, with a Saturday night Ottawa show right after it, and we all hope for the best, it might work.)



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