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Mr. Something Something Says Goodbye Until 2005


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Toronto's Afrofunkestra, Mr. Something Something, would like to thank all of you fine dancing (and non-dancing) folk for all the tremendous support in 2004!!

Yes it is true, for Mr. SumSum, the year is coming to a close. The Somethings are on a two month hiatus.

The band had a great last couple of shows in Toronto and Port Dover with the Ladybird Sideshow and our Queen of Funk, Erin Smith.

Onwards and upwards. 2005 is going to bring more... hopefully more of what you all want, whatever that may be.

Mr. Something Something has begun working on a new record (on World Records) for ya'll as well as many, many dates with Grover, the tour bus (it's a van, but it THINKS that it is a bus) that could (and most likely will) be appearing in a city near you soon.

Eat, drink and be merry (in moderation of course). Stay healthy and keep warm!! See you in a few moons.

Peace to all from Johan; Johnny; LG; Liam; the Professor Mac; Hot Toddy; SD and of us here at World.


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