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The Duo Benevento/Russo Hamilton Reviews?

Jay Funk Dawg

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Not much of a review,but I'm sure one will show up,I know Timmyb was talking (interviewing maybe?) them last night after the show.Heres what I posted in the other thread...

Now that was one serious evening of music.

Been along time since I just chilled back and enjoyed watching two very well accomplished musicians do what they do best and tear it up.That second set was out of control in my opinion,two Radiohead covers (one in the first set) and the Nirvana tease (SLTP) are the only songs I could say I recognized,although I am not familiar with their music.

Looking forward to hearing the recording and checking out the pictures bouche got.

Enjoy folks,awesome show last night and I imagine if its any different of a show tonight,then it could only get better.


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Set One was really good.

Set Two was raging!

More loops and samples than I remember from the last time seeing them, but that was in the spring of 2003 and these guys experiment and push boundaries.

And it is a treat to watch them feed off of each other.

I love it when they get into the heavy jazz, and although they are "not a groovy jamband" ;)when they lay down the heavy grooves.

Peace, Mark

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