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Saturday Night in Ottawa


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Total wastedness over here (aside from me, I have been nursing a hangover all night). I cant even put into words how messed this was.

So, the girls are passed out, which is surprising considering Catphish is one of them. Davey-Boy and I had been playing Xbox's FIFA 2005 with The Potatoe Boys all night. Well, we have moved to the dvd collection. I just put on Downhill From Here (Alpine Valley), saying to Davey "Man, remember this venue?"

DaveyBoy: It was smaaaaaaaall........

Booche: WHAT? That place was huuuuuge!

DaveyBoy: Yeah, that too.

I *assume* he felt that way because we had wicked seats, but I dont really know. Buddy is snoring beside me, ala One More Saturday Night for him.

I think it is nighty time for the Gonzos.

Have a good one, here's to hoping I get to Kitchener this Friday. I am looking forward to seeing more of you than I could ever name right now.

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oh dear lord...I have a crazy case of the giggles this morning! DaveyBoy and CatPhish are gone home and Booche will be sleeping for another 6 hours...so here I am giggling all by myself!

btw...that picture was on the clipboard when I sat at the 'puter last night. All I did was hit ctrl+v and there it was! Those boys got some 'splainin' to do.

I really shouldn't be drinking coke for breakfast

I'm still have a tough time typing. All my motor skills seem to be hiding. I would hide from me too if I could.

my neck sure is sore. How am I suppose to lay on the couch all day with a sore neck? Oh man, I've ruined a perfectly good Sunday.

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Glad you ladies had a fun night!!! Sorry we missed you Douglas...we left your place early!!

I was having trouble control myself sitting in a room with 5 boys, an x-box, and only 4 controllers......Every woman's dream!!!

I was just hoping to get my hands on a controller in hope that it vibrated like the PS2 controllers!!

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