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Fred Eaglesmith - December 9 - Kingston!


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Fredheads rejoice! Thursday, December 9 at Elixir (14 Garrett St) - doors open at 7 PM, Roger Marin's band will open, starting at 8 PM

"Fred Eaglesmith is a Canadian singer/songwriter/storyteller/comedian who reads books on nano-technology, likes machinery, and runs his farm entirely on wind and solar energy.

And his band has their quirks, too.

For the past decade, Fred and his free-spirited troop of modern-day troubadours have worn a zig-zag trail across North America, with trips to Europe and Australia recently added to their quixotic adventures. The miles winding away through the night beneath the wheels of their battered bus bear the mark of their passing. In their rearview mirror are scenes of rabid Fredheads whooping and whistling for the raw, driving country soul scorching the stage. Audiences laughing until their sides ache at the hilarious personal tales Fred weaves into his show. Newly converted fans stunned into silence as the balladeer shares poignant tales of aching loss — or grinning at his tongue-in-cheek take on the human condition."

Tickets are $15 and on sale now at Brian's Record Option, Zap Records, UBS Exchange, Renaissance Music, Elixir and on-line at www.rockcrew.ca

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