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TALA Dec 10th at Cafe Nostalgica in Ottawa


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the show was definitely an awesome time. nostalgica is a very intimite venue...a cafe in an older house. no cover, great drinks and food at a good price...

everybody there had a great time - the vibe of the clientele is totally chill and everybody was into the show when the boys were playing.

I was totally impressed with the interplay between adrian and steve and the new keys player (i forgot his name again) and everybody was totally tight on the changes.

as far as the particulars, the vocals were pumped mono through a little PA and until the 3rd set the bass and keys were low in the mix. the analog synth was mighty powerful but the roland midi keyboard was not.

I've got to say when it comes to a band like tala, i'm picky about my bass players but john is a totally nice guy and was really having a great time. changes were spot on and for a week's worth of playing i have no complaints.

the staff at cafe nostalgica were incredibly nice and helpful and it was refreshing to go somewhere that has its own thing going on.

tuesdays are the soul jazz orchestra. (not a real orchestra, as an orchestra is 10+ members but cool nonetheless)

easy place to find (at the end of cumberland at ottawa u) but hard to find parking.

i got a ticket for parking between 4 and 5:30...

hope all's well on the homefront. get those boys playing some!

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