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KUDOS to weirdness and BradM and Karl


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if only there was some way to repay him for all that time and effort..

One of the reasons I tape is enlightened self-interest. I like going to shows and listening to good bands. Taping a band is one small way to support it, even (or especially) if all that happens with the recording is getting a copy back to the band so they can hear what they sound like and maybe get better from hearing it. If I can play a part in promoting a band by distributing (and/or uploading) a recording, so much the better. If supporting a band this way (and other ways, like doing roll-calls, or working the door, or working the merch table, etc.) helps them get better, or increases the fan base, or expands the range of places they can play, well, that pays off for me in being able to see them more often, which is, to me, payment enough.



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