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Scottieking's Update


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Hey guys and gals

I just wanted to let you know that Scottie had his surgery today. Now the sad news is ... as of right now no one can be with him for his entire 5 day stay, but he is in good spirits as always!

I have to tell you a quick story:

My mother is livid!!!!! She's so mad that she can't be with her child....the nurses said he's not considered a child - wrong answer to tell my mom! They also told her that they give him a free tv and phone.....mother's response "well that doesn't feed him or take him to the bathroom does it?" So trying to look on the humerous side of this...my mom and dad are plotting how to get in - mom is pulling out one of her old nurses uniforms, and my father is going to put on a ministers collar!!!! I wouldn't put it past them.

He's doing good though. Got through surgery,

and we packed his bag with so many books, comics, and cd's - hopefully this can keep him occupied!!!!

Well... I will let you know how everything goes! Send out your positvie vibes to scottie!


Lisa Marie

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Thanks for the update, Sunshine. OK everyone ... full-on positive vibes to scottieking ... let's get him out of "solitary confinement" as soon as possible.

Hey scottie ... the next thing you know you'll be fully recovered and on summer holidays ... sweet sunny sweaty summer holidays ... we'll see you then, my friend, when thoughts of SSR, rubrics, and the double cohort have been pushed to the back corner of our minds.

Peace, Mark

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Just got off the phone with Scottie!!!!!

He's in good spirits!!! A little lonely, but dealing.

They removed his thyroid, part of his parathyroid, and all the lymphnoids on the right side. They don't know until they biopsy but the Doc feels only a couple were cancerous....but removed all to be safe.

If people want to send him stuff he said the best thing to do is wait till he's back home in London. Mom and Dad will probably take him to Chesley for a week......Scottie says a couple days - mom says a week (best let them battle that out)! We can't even send him flowers at the hospital!

I'll keep you posted!!!!

Peace / Love

Lisa Marie

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Oh ya..... the students and teachers surprised Scottie with a Play station 2 and a gift certificate for $100.00 to go buy a game - he is so loved!

He was stoked!

if anyone wants to email me for his address:



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Guest Low Roller

I hope you have a speedy recovery SK.

Our Mothers sound kinda similar. If my Mom was told she couldn't visit me, I'm sure she'd figure out a way to repel off of the roof of the hospital and come swinging through the window like Batman if she had to.

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to scottieking

you've made me smile so much, it hurt sometimes

but since it was all in fun i'll reduce the fines

whenever things seemed a bit lesser

i'd turn around and you'd be givin 'er

through all the shows

and campfires in the snow

we all hope you get well enough

so durham might not seem so gruff

and that orange hat will guide me home.

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