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Last Night: in Toronto with Vorcza

Jay Funk Dawg

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who is checking out these shows?


Known for their explosive, high-energy live shows, Vorcza is earning recognition as one of Vermont's most exciting improvisational ensembles. Their music takes audiences to dizzying heights of rhythmic and harmonic exploration while still satisfying listeners who crave melody and nuance. Composed of Ray Paczkowski on hammond organ, piano and keyboards, Gabe Jarrett on drums and Robinson Morse on acoustic bass, Vorcza starts with the language and tradition of jazz as a base from which to create new music.

Thu, Dec 9th

El Mocambo



Show starts at 10 PM with Word People, followed by two sets of Vorcza at 11 ish.

Fri, Dec 10th

Peppar Jacks Cafe


Sat, Dec 11th



there is a good article here: Live Music Beth Website

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I got a copy of Vorcza's debut album on the weekend and I've given it several listens and it's quite enjoyable. The music has a great groove to it and is very danceable, comparing to other jazz outfits out there.

Hey if Ray Paczkowski is good enough to be the keyboardist in the Trey Anastasio Band and Dave Matthews and Friends, then he's good enough for me to drive to Toronto on a Thursday night and then see him and his band again in my hometown of Hamilton on Friday as well.

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Basher, don't think, feel

the boys just showed up and are getting ready for the show... this is my last transmission... boy am I pumped.. Ray is bring out the acoustic piano and it looks like the guys are ready to bring on the madness... they are really a bunch of humble guys, if you show up to the show, I'm sure that everyone will get a chance to meet 'em.. they are very approachable.

anyway look out Toronto.. we're about to get funked!

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